Go with the gods - space travel is within your grasp

Travel into Space ...and beyond

'Go With The Gods' is a vision brought to life with help, funding and technical expertise from by The N'elkan Institute. Start a new life in the heavens, where all your dreams can come true. Travel in luxury with the actual Gods of Olympus aboard the 'Aegis cylinder'. The cylinder uses a unique form of propulsion which ensures you will arrive at your destination quickly, feeling refreshed and relaxed.

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Do you seek adventure? Want to travel? If you feel that life on Earth is getting you down and you yearn for more then it is your destiny to 'Go with the Gods'. We are seeking men and women of all ages and whole families* to join us as we journey back home after being stranded on Earth for thousands of years. Join us for a new life full of infinite wonder among the stars and the 'Gods'. Our 'space ship' has now been repaired - thanks to the generous technicians and endless resources at The N'elkan Institute. By way of thanks, we have made available a number of seats** in our cylinder for a select few to join us.

The Space Cylinder... travelling without moving.The Olympians' transportation is truly worthy of the Gods. Taking you anywhere in the Universe and beyond almost instantaneously. Infinte speed and infinte luxury... once seated you will enjoy comfort beyond comprehension. While in the cylinder, in the company of Gods, your dreams and wishes become reality as you embark on a voyage where no human has ever been or will likely ever go again.

The 'Gods'...Information coming soon.
This information is currently classified and will be released closer to the time.